Wednesday, February 29, 2012

my big boy

Oh my goodness, my boy is experiencing so many new things!!!  In the past 3-4 weeks, my baby boy has grown from a 'baby' to a 'boy' AHH!  I'm having a hard dealing with how suddenly these changes have happened.

Big Boy Bath:

Yeah, I'm crawling!

I'm such a happy boy!

Other accomplishments: He cut his first tooth!  Today I ran home for a quick second and he was so excited to see me that he pulled himself up on the couch!!! And the biggest announcmenet:

He's 8 months old!!! I'm going to be taking his monthly pictures today, so look for a photo dump coming your way soon :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

resolution re-cap

Can you believe it's been two months.  I was thinking about doing an every two months re-cap to keep myself on track with my resolutions.  I like the idea of it, but I don't like the very real possibility that I could/would fail at some of them.  Then I got to thinking.  It'll be good to do the re-cap and post about my successes and failures to keep me real!  So here goes :)

My resolutions are posted here

  1. I'm slowly but surely reaching this goal.  This weekend I was so incredibly sick. I feel like I probably lost 2 pounds.  It's not the type of diet I had in mind, but I'll take the loss no matter how it comes :)
  2. I have been diligent about getting to the gym as much as possible.  The reality is, sometimes Evan is sick, sometimes I am sick, and sometimes even with all things in life going well, it's just impossible to get to the stinkin' gym!  So, I've not gotten to the gym 3 times a week, but I've gone as much as possible.
  3. YES!  I've had absolutely no soda since December 31st.
  4. Still following through on reading the Bible.  I am finally out of Exodus.  I feel like I have the measurements of the Tabernacle memorized! :)
  5. Success! Evan and I have enjoyed Skyping with GiGi and Grandpa.
  6. Practice makes perfect...haha.  This resolution has made me keenly aware of how easy it is to speed.  I am still in the practice portion of this resolution.  I have become much better about not driving more than 5 miles over the speed limit, but sometimes without even knowing it, I'm flying down the road.  I do drop back down when I become aware of it though.
  7. We are still working on this.  The day just gets away from me most of the time.  I have a pile of books on our bedside table now so that I can just grab one at bed time and read it to him.  He loves books and now that he is crawling, I hope he crawls over to the books more often!
  8. I have been ROCKIN' this resolution.  I have been wearing my hair down at least 2 times a week if not more.  There was a period of 18 days that I wore my hair down!  Boo-yah! :)
  9. Haven't vacationed to Yosemite yet, so haven't had the opportunity.  This one will have to be in August's re-cap.
  10. Why is it easier to load the dishwasher than wash my face?  I think because the dishes scream at me whereas I can very easily ignore my face.  I've been doing better at washing my face every night, but not perfect.  I'm in the practice portion of this one too, I guess.
  11. I've had a couple of great girlfriend dates, but not as many as I had hoped.  What does it look like to succeed in this resolution...I'm going to have to figure it out.
  12. I feel like I am succeeding in this area.  Ask my husband. :)
And for good measure...a pic of my beautiful family

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

my baby boy - cuz really what else is there :)


learning to stand - 6 mo

sweet smile - 7 mo

learning to love hats :) - 7 mo

Do you see what I see?  One cute baby!  I stinkin' love this little boy!
 Dear Evan,

I love you more and more every day.  You are getting to be such a little boy.  You are growing up way too quickly, of course.  It's so fun to watch you learn new things.  You are so smart and innovative.  You don't know how to crawl quite yet, but you do know how to reach for things that are a bit too far away.  You know how to scoot backward.  So instead of getting closer, you get farther away, and that just makes you mad!  You get frustrated when you can't get that item, but you do some pretty funny things in your frustration.  Do you even know how cute and adorable you are in your anger?  :)  You are starting to babble more.  You love to stand propped against our ottoman.  It's so shaky, and you seem so close to falling, but you are so good at catching your balance.  I know it's only a matter of time before you take your first wabbly steps.  You are looking to daddy and I for approval and recognition more often.  You love being praised.  You are figuring out how to put food in your mouth...which leads to more frustration. 

When it comes to food,  you are the most stubborn eater.  You don't pig out like most babies.  You are very tempermental when it comes to eating.  You are keenly aware when daddy and I have a plate of food and let us know immediately that you would like to partake of the yumminess we have brought into the room and your environment.  You'll take a bottle pretty well, but you never finish one.  If I make a 4 ounce bottle, you'll take 3.  If I make a 6 ounce, you'll take 5.  Sometimes, I think if I make an odd number of ounces, you'll finish it.  Isn't that so silly?!  You love all sorts of food; black beans, avocado, chicken, rice puffs, tomatoes, eggs, prunes, bananas, sweet potatoes, mixed veggies, bread.  The list goes on and on, but I can't think of any more right now.  You love all this food, but you won't eat it if it comes from that not-so-magical plastic container.  If the food comes from mama and daddy's plate, you love it.  Why is this?  We probably did something wrong or let you know about the wonders of a dinner plate too soon.  That's ok, though.  You are growing like a weed.  You are healthy, and you are VERY happy.  That makes me feel assured that we are doing the right things, even if we've done things a bit different the cultural norms. 

Speaking of cultural norms, I love breaking them every night when I crawl into my bed, right next to your warm small body.  I love sleeping with you beside me.  I love having you reach out and hold my arm or hand in the middle of the night.  You sleep so well in between daddy and me.  And you keep daddy and I so warm that we don't have to have the heater on.  You don't even know how financially savvy you are :)  If only you would learn to sleep all the way through the night without needing a bottle.  I wish we had a magic answer for that, but I know it will come in time. 

I love walking through this journey with you.  You make me look so good with all you are learning to do.  The fact that you are getting to be such an easy baby is so helpful.  I can't wait for you to start crawling so that you can be a little more independent.  I know that the learning experience takes a while, but I also know that you will be such a happier baby (less frustrated) when you can get to that toy that keeps eluding you.  I can't wait to kick a ball down the hallway and have you chase it.  I can't wait for you to come crawling around the corner into the bathroom when all I want is one second of solitude to do my business. 

And yet, I would be happy if you stayed so beautifully dependent on me just a little while longer.  I love that you need me so often.  I love that you still rely on my to hold your bottle.  I love that you spend so much time in my arms.  I know that I will miss the warmth of your body so close to mine.  Don't let that stop you from growing though.  Mama will adjust, I promise.

I love you that much.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Catch Up Part 3

PHOTO DUMP!! :)  It's Christmas, baby!!!

Don't eat those, baby!!
They are SO tempting!!

Catch Up Part 2

December 23 - December 24

Thursday, Dec 23..Evan couldn't wait to try out his hat!!
My grandparents and brother and sister in law flew in for Christmas.  They haven't seen Evan since he was about 7 weeks old.  It's been fun sharing all the new things Evan can do.  He has learned to sit up all by himself.  He can play with his toys, reach for them, throw them, chew on them.  He makes all sorts of funny noises.  He smiles and laughs and squeals!  He loves touching everybody's face.  He puts his hands on each side of your face and will pat and stroke your cheeks.  It is so precious and sweet.  More than anything, he just goes and goes and goes and goes...Energizer Bunny style.  Oh my! Every one is so amazed at how much energy he has. did that picture sneak in here?? :)
I did errands on Friday and then went up to mom and dad's house and basically moved in.  I brought up enough stuff for Evan and I to stay until Monday.  I value time with family and know how important it is to spend time with them and let them love on you in a way that only family can.  It was nice to spend so much quality time with them. I know that Evan will not remember that time, but it was fun to see him grow comfortable with his extended family and laugh at their silly faces and smile when they tickle him. 
So many people in one room! :)
bath time is so much fun!!
After bath time loves!

Christmas Eve, my quartet came over and did a 45 min gig for my family.  It was so fun!  My family knows all of the songs and most of our shtick, but they still laugh and interact with us.  We had a TON of food and sweets for all to enjoy afterward.  There were a ton of stories being told and even more laughing.  It was such a treat.  I love to have so many people in a house that you can't focus on just one conversation.  I love the chaos of trying to keep glasses full and adding more food to the table and sharing a story with a friend and laughing at a fun memory.  It always gives my heart the lift it needs.  Did I mention I feel refreshed and energized by being with people?  :)  This was an almost perfect Christmas Eve ( can't expect perfection all the time).

learning to rest

My 2 boys (yes boys) are napping away right now. 

I have a cup of WONDERFUL coffee to the left of me. 

My phone is next to me with the game Words for Friends on the screen...I cannot for the life of me find a good word to play against this person.  I have 7 different games going and I love it.  I win and I lose.  The losing is hard because it's against my little brother. GRR!  Anyway, not the point of this post.

I love that right now, I'm learning to rest.  Usually today would be filled with errands and visits with friends and Evan not abiding by his normal schedule because mama wants to race around like a crazy woman. 

Not today.  Today I am learning to rest.  I went to the gym three days in a row and my body is hurting a little.  Today, I sit on the couch and listen to the steady breathing of my 2 boys.  Oh, did I mention that they are snuggling right at my feet?  Evan is fighting a cold that comes in waves (one good day, one bad day, etc).  He gets to snuggle all he wants with mama and daddy when he doesn't feel good.  So Rolando put him to sleep and then laid on the floor in front of the couch and fell asleep with Evan in the crook of his arm.  So sweet!

Oh no!  I sneezed and woke Evan up!  BUMMER...well, I got to enjoy the rest and peace for a little while :)  Learning to laugh at the joys (and not so joyous times) of being a mom is something I'll master next!  HAHA!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

12 in 12

New Years Resolutions...who sticks to them?...why even make them?  I feel like the past couple of years, I've had some pretty good ones that I've actually made a good crack at and then there are ones that I've totally failed at!  Even so, I still made some for this year. :)
  1. Lose all of my baby weight (7 more lbs to go!) and then possibly more.
  2. Exercise 3 times a week (obviously, this will help me achieve #1).
  3. No soda!
  4. Read through the Bible (for real this time).
  5. Skype with Grams and Grandpa (to show off my beautiful son) at least once a month if not twice.
  6. Do not exceed more than 5 miles over the speed limit...ever!
  7. Read 2 books to Evan every day, preferably at least one before bed time.
  8. Wear my hair down to work at least 2 times a week.
  9. Hike Half Dome in Yosemite (my family is going there for our summer vacation...but this one has some stipulations that might make it not so achievable...we'll see).
  10. Wash my face every night...I am SOOOO very bad at this.
  11. Connect with friends more frequently.  I imagine this looking like coffee dates, walks in the neighborhood, girlfriends night out, phone calls, etc.
  12. Remember to love and respect my husband as he should be loved and matter what.  
I feel good about that.  I think those are all attainable.  We'll see :)